The “All mine castle for a day” formula

Private customized exclusive events

From € 3,499


Rent all the entire castle for yourself and your friends or family, or for your company to impress your clients or colleagues.

A dream event for a every occasion, such as birthdays, marriages, amazing degree parties – but also art exhibitions, fashion shows, job meetings, wine tastings, concerts or music or theater shows.

Everything you can imagine doing with the castle it’s at your entire disposal for a day (and more, if you wish!).

All the locations of the castle are at your service (rooms and suites), along with its suggestive and panoramic spaces, from the lounge panoramic room (with a private space!), the reading area, the porch, the courtyard and the wine cellar to the ultra panoramic terrace.. and on top of everything,  the Towers, that almost reach the sky of Florence.


Every space of the castle for you to improve your creativity, your fantasy and efficiency.

Every space to inspire you realizing your personalized and prestigious exclusive event in the Montalbano Castle of Florence.


We can arrange an entirely personalized and exclusive stay to fulfil every request, with possibilities of brunches, lunches, dinners, happy hours, live music, exhibitions, shows and themed set-ups.


Let your imagination flows and let us demonstrate you our sensitivity and experience to make your desires come true!


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